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Firefox火狐瀏覽器69發布 提供控制進程優先級的能力

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Firefox火狐瀏覽器69發布 提供控制進程優先級的能力
Mozilla Firefox 69 Beta 9 (Quantum)今日發布,從這一版本開始,Firefox提供了讓Windows管理內容進程優先級的能力,這意味著正在處理的任務上花費的處理器時間更多,并且在后臺花費更少的處理器時間(視頻和音頻播放除外)。
在運行Windows 10 May 2019更新或更新版本的系統上,新版通過Windows Hello添加了對Web Authentication HmacSecret擴展的支持。
蘋果系統方面,為了提高雙顯卡macOS筆記本的電池壽命,Firefox現在可以更加積極地切換回適用于WebGL內容的更高能效的GPU。 Firefox也更加努力避免切換到高功率GPU。macOS上的Finder現在會顯示文件下載時的下載進度。

Firefox 69.0 beta July 9, 2019
Version 69.0 beta, first offered to Beta channel users on July 9, 2019

  • Firefox now gives Windows hints to appropriately set content process priority levels, meaning more processor time spent on the tasks you're actively working on, and less processor time spent on things in the background (with the exception of video and audio playback).

  • To improve battery life on dual-graphics-card macOS machines, Firefox now tries more aggressively to switch back to the more power-efficient GPU for WebGL content when able. Firefox also works harder to avoid switching to the high-power GPU for one-off transient uses of WebGL.

  • Finder on macOS now displays download progress for files while they’re being downloaded.

  • Added support for the Web Authentication HmacSecret extension via Windows Hello on systems running the Windows 10 May 2019 update or newer.


  • As previously announced in the Plugin Roadmap for Firefox, the "Always Activate" option for Flash plugin content has been removed. Firefox will now always ask for user permission before activating Flash content on a website.

  • Firefox no longer loads userChrome.css or userContent.css by default. Users who wish to customize Firefox by using these files can set the  toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets preference to true to restore this ability.


Developer Information

  • The new event listener breakpoint feature allows developers to pause on a host of different event types, whether it be related to animations, DOM, media, mouse, touch, worker, and many other event types.


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